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  • IronOx Corrugated metal siding is a heavy 22 gauge wide covering siding which can be installed both vertically and horizontally. Ideal for creative builders looking to design with the aesthetic beauty of rusted corrugated steel. The unpainted and untreated steel allows the surface to rust and form a natural iron oxide finish.

    Applications of Corrugated Metal Siding
    These sidings can be used for a wide range of metal siding applications. Corrugated metal siding products provide many benefits, such as exterior wall insulation and decor. It is also used to decorate interior walls and guard posts, environmentally friendly toilets, and other residential building products.

    Historically used in commercial and agricultural applications IronOx Corrugated is in demand for residential projects. Its historic corrugated form preserves the old-fashioned design of steel panels that have graced the countryside for decades.

    Choosing a Corrugated Metal Siding
    Corrugated panels work in tandem to create a sturdy foundation for structures. The size and shape of the sidings allow metal structures built using corrugated metal panels to last longer than many traditional buildings. Homeowners love the strength and durability of corrugated metal siding. In addition, it easily hides weather-related imperfections like dents, cracks, and holes that sometimes occur around a house. Corrugated metal siding is durable and cost-effective because it doesn’t need to be replaced very often. These metal sidings have seen increasing use across the US.

    Want to Know More About Corrugated Metal Siding?
    ● To learn more about our corrugated metal siding options, talk to one of our friendly experts by calling 1-800-272-7023 or 1-800-776-8771.

  • Nu-Wave® Corrugated metal roofing and siding is a classic exposed fastened metal panel suited for siding and roof applications. This metal panel is used in civic, education, hospitality, hotels, residential, retail, and mixed-use applications as well as in some roof designs with optional factory curving. Corrugated metal roofing and siding offers a variety of colors to choose from and provides a safer alternative to other traditional building materials. Unlike other products, after its useful life, steel is 100% recyclable and is recognized as a sustainable building product.