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Metal Roofing Products

ASC Building Products portfolio of metal roofing have been tested by an accredited third party and structural performance data is contained in a building code approval report.  As an industry leader whose testing exceeds industry standards, ASC Building Products offers unmatched assurance that its premium metal roof panels will deliver on performance and long-lasting beauty.

ASC Building Products metal roofing are available in a wide range of cool color options which meet the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) certification requirements, contributing to building energy standards and green energy programs.

Metal roofing holds many benefits for homeowners. When compared to traditional shingle roofs, they are significantly more durable. Not only that, but when it’s time to replace the roof, metal panels are recyclable, contributing less material to landfills. On top of being highly durable and eco-friendly, metal roofs make an excellent investment because they come in various colors and materials, ranging from minimalistic and cost-effective styles to modern gutters with sleek designs. As the residential sector continues adopting metal roofing for these reasons, newer designs become available as well!

Here are the most common types of metal roofing on the market:
‚óŹ Aluminum Roofs
‚óŹ Copper Roofing
‚óŹ Corrugated Metal Roof
‚óŹ Metal Tile Roofs
‚óŹ Metal Slate Roofs
‚óŹ Standing Seam Metal Roofs
‚óŹ Steel Roofs
‚óŹ Tin Roofing
‚óŹ Zinc Metal Roof

ASC Building Products is a manufacturer of metal roofing products in the United States. Since our founding in 1971, we have focused on providing as many clients as possible with high-quality materials for their building projects. We focus on creating more sustainable buildings that are not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly. When you select ASC Building Products to provide your facility with new roofing materials, you receive durable and reliable materials backed by many years of experience ‚Äď at an affordable price.

Metal roofing offers countless benefits and looks great, too! Metal roofs can withstand harsh environments for a long time, while most shingled roofs need replacement much sooner. Additionally, when it is time to replace them, the roof panels are easily replaceable.

Maintenance enhances the life of metal roofs. Following are two essential approaches to metal roofing maintenance:

‚óŹ Roof Coating
‚óŹ Roof Cleaning

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Ask The Experts

At ASC Building Products, we believe that our customers’ needs are everything. We ensure that you receive accurate information to make informed decisions. We consult contractors, architects, distributors, and homeowners alike for high-quality metal roofing options. Our friendly and experienced team is available online or via telephone to answer any questions you may have about metal roofing materials or installation. No matter what your question is, we‚Äôll have an answer. Please contact us – we‚Äôre looking forward to hearing from you!