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Document Library

Our metal roofing and siding document library offers a single source repository to help you with your next project.

Building Code Approval Reports

  • Evaluation Report ER-0309: Design Span¬ģ hp, Skyline Roofing¬ģ, Skyline Roofing¬ģ hp
  • Evaluation Report ER-0550: 2¬Ĺ‚Ä≥ Corrugated, Delta Rib‚ĄĘ, Delta Rib‚ĄĘ III, Nor-Clad¬ģ, Nu-Wave¬ģ Corrugated, PBR Panel, Reversed PBR Panel, Strata Rib¬ģ
  • UL Class A Fire¬†PDF¬†|¬†RTF
Product Installation Guide AutoCAD Detail Product Sheet
Design Span¬ģ hp PDF¬†|¬†RTF PDF¬†|¬†RTF
Skyline Roofing¬ģ PDF¬†|¬†RTF dwg PDF¬†|¬†RTF
Delta Rib‚ĄĘ ¬†PDF¬†|¬†RTF PDF¬†|¬†RTF
Delta Rib‚ĄĘ III PDF¬†|¬†RTF PDF¬†|¬†RTF
Skyline Roofing¬ģ hp PDF¬†|¬†RTF dwg PDF¬†|¬†RTF
2¬Ĺ‚ÄĚ Corrugated PDF¬†|¬†RTF PDF¬†|¬†RTF
Nor-Clad¬ģ PDF¬†|¬†RTF PDF¬†|¬†RTF
Nu-Wave¬ģ Corrugated PDF¬†|¬†RTF PDF¬†|¬†RTF
Strata Rib¬ģ PDF¬†|¬†RTF PDF¬†|¬†RTF
IronOx Corrugated PDF | RTF PDF | RTF
Klondike¬ģ Siding PDF¬†|¬†RTF PDF¬†|¬†RTF
TriLap¬ģ Steel Siding PDF¬†|¬†RTF PDF¬†|¬†RTF

Additional Resources

Technical Bulletins

  • Color Warranty Information LINK
  • Reflectivity and Emissivity Chart PDF¬†| RTF
  • ZINCALUME Product Sheet PDF | RTF
  • Natural Rust Product Sheet PDF | RTF
  • Fastener Selection Guide PDF¬†|¬†RTF
  • Trims and Flashings Guide PDF¬†|¬†RTF
  • Trims and Flashings Tri-Fold PDF¬†|¬†RTF
  • Polycarbonate Accessories¬†PDF¬†|¬†RTF
  • Cool Roofing Memo¬†PDF¬†|¬†RTF
  • CCRC California Cool Roofs Brochure¬†PDF¬†|¬†RTF
  • Domestic Content Regulations, including Buy American Act¬†¬† PDF¬†| RTF
  • DURA TECH xl Technical Data Sheet¬† PDF | RTF
  • NEW Solar & Your Roof¬† PDF¬†|¬†RTF
  • NEW Addressing Snow & Ice¬†PDF¬†|¬†RTF
  • Field Cutting Metal Panels¬†PDF¬†|¬†RTF
  • Preventing Storage Corrosion PDF | RTF
  • Reflectance Technical Bulletin PDF | RTF
  • Cleaning Coil Coatings PDF | RTF
  • Roof System Care and Maintenance PDF | RTF
  • Wall System Care and Maintenance PDF | RTF
  • Removal of UV-exposed Protective Film PDF | RTF
  • Jobsite Storage and Removal of PREGIS PolyMask Protective Films PDF | RTF
ASC Building Products Metal Roofing Colors

Standard Color Chart  PDF | RTF

DuraTech nt Color Chart

Commercial Color Chart PDF | RTF

ASC Building Products Architectural Color Chart

Architectural Color Chart PDF | RTF

Intro to Metal Roofing and Siding (PDF) (PowerPoint) (RTF)

Metal Home Ideas, Inspiration, Info and More From ASC Building Products.

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