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ASC Building Products offers residential metal roofing in a range of cool colors that meet the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) certification requirements for green buildings. Visit our Sustainability page for more information.

As an industry leader whose testing exceeds industry standards, ASC Building Products offers unmatched assurance that its premium metal roof panels will deliver high-performance and long-lasting beauty. Our products have also been tested by an accredited third party and structural performance data is contained in a building code approval report.

Browse the sections below to find everything you will need to get started on your metal journey Protect what’s important with metal roofing and siding from ASC Building Products.


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SRI Explained
Metal Roofing through the Seasons
The Benefits of Metal Roofing

ASC Building Products portfolio of quality steel roof and wall panels are available in a wide variety of profiles, color options, and innovative prints. These panels offer a beautiful appearance without compromising the durability and performance of steel.

A few reasons to consider metal roofs and walls1:

  • Offers more design options
  • Lasts up to 2 to 3 times longer than asphalt shingles (roofing)
  • More durable, withstanding extreme weather conditions.
  • Offers higher home resale value
  • Energy efficient, saving as much as 25% in energy costs
  • Potentially lowers insurance costs
  • Safer, will not ignite or support combustion during a wildfire or lightning strike.
  • More environmentally friendly, is 100% recyclable.

As an industry leader for over 45 years, ASC Building Products assures residential and commercial builders long-lasting beauty and performance. Most of our portfolio of products are backed by testing performed by an accredited third-party, thus exceeding industry testing standard.

MRA Roofing

MRA Residential Roofing Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to green projects, building materials matter.  ASC Building Products metal roof and wall panels have been a product of choice in achieving sustainability goals to meet LEED Certification, Passive House Institute Certification, or Net Zero Energy Certification.

With today’s coating technology, metal roof, and siding panels offer performance efficiencies, such as solar reflectance and emittance of heat, which drives down energy use and allows for the building to work with the environment.  Moreover, metal panels are long-lasting and can be repurposed or reused.  With their high recycled content, they are also 100% recyclable at the end of their life use.

Homeowners can achieve a green design that delivers long-lasting beauty and performance while saving on energy costs. 

ASC Building Products’ selection of cool colors assists in meeting the sustainability targets developed through LEED and CA Title 24. The solar performance data of our standard coatings have been tested and maintained by the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC).


  • Reflectivity and Emissivity chart PDF | RTF
  • Solar Reflective Index Calculator (xls)
  • NEW! Reflectance Technical Bulletin PDF | RTF
  • Manufacturer’s Certification: Homeowner Energy Tax Credit Certification PDF | RTF
  • Cool Facts About Cool Metal Roofing PDF | RTF
  • CCRC California Cool Roofs Brochure PDF | RTF

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